Firefly CAL – The End

It’s taken about two months longer than it was supposed to but I’ve finally finished the Firefly CAL. The squares are joined. There’s even a border. The back, however, looks terrible. :p I’m planning to attach some fabric to the back to take care of that problem.

I’m not as happy with some of the squares as I could be and there are some sort of obvious mistakes on a couple of them but overall I like it. 🙂 Excuse the somewhat blurry picture. My camera was being uncooperative…

Firefly blanket

Now, being the glutton for punishment that I am, I’ve decided to start the Whovian CAL. It’s an older one so all of the squares are already posted. I have no idea how long this one will take. Here’s my progress so far:

whovian square 1

Next I really need to get back to that poor doll I was working on. She is in desperate need of some clothes. 🙂


Calgary Expo

It’s been not quite a week now since the Calgary Expo wrapped up. I don’t feel like sleeping for a week and my feet don’t hurt any more so I guess I’ve recovered. 🙂 I attended on Saturday and spent the other three days volunteering and it was awesome as always. This was my third year in admissions which is definitely a good place to be if you want to see all the costumes as people come in. A couple of may favourites were a somewhat elderly Prince Charming, complete with glass slipper and still searching for his Cinderella, and his Fairy Godmother companion and this guy (girl? No idea who was inside):


We put a wrist band on the person’s arm ( and yes, it is sticking out of Pikachu’s mouth) and then strung three wrist bands together and wrapped them around Pikachu’s arm. We found the whole process hilarious but I guess you had to be there. 🙂 In our defence, it was Sunday and that is when the expo exhaustion tends to set in.

This was actually the only picture I took during expo. I wish I had more to post but if you’re interested there are a ton of pictures on the #calgaryexpo instagram. There were some totally amazing costumes.

I do have two other pictures from the expo.

Maybe next year there will be Firefly cast members and I can bring a picture of my (not yet finished) blanket from the CAL to start collecting autographs. I wonder who will come out next year….

Firefly CAL – Week… I Have No Idea

I’m so far behind with this CAL now I’m not sure what week to consider this post. 😛

Anyway, Here are the most recent squares I’ve completed:

The leaf on the wind.


Kaylee’s strawberry


One of the banners (you can’t take the sky from me). I don’t have enough pins to pin the whole thing out at once.


I’ve also joined everything I have finished together. This is the part I dislike almost as much as weaving in ends.


So there it is. That’s what I’ve gotten done for this CAL I’m not sure yet if I’ll be doing one more square or five. I will be doing another banner to put at the top. It will probably be the I aim to misbehave banner.

Has anyone else out there finished this CAL? Other than it’s creator of course. 🙂 Two Hearts Crochet has moved on and the Game of Thrones CAL is in full swing over there.


Firefly CAL – Week 5

I can’t believe we’re over a month into the Firefly CAL already. Last week’s squares were the Alliance Flag and Shiny. I only made one of them, Shiny, since I’m not a big fan of the Alliance. Sure, every show needs a big bad enemy, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them. 🙂


This square turned out pretty well though all those colour changes for the word were a bit of a pain.

Also posted this past week were the bonus squares. I’m planning to make several of them so I was pretty excited to see them. Now I just need to decide exactly which ones I’m making and them find the time to actually get started on them.

This week’s regular squares are both Wash related: Wash’s dinosaurs and Leaf on the Wind. I’ll be making Leaf on the Wind but not the dinosaur square as I’ve decided to only make one square per character. These are only two more weeks left in the CAL so I should probably start weaving in ends and figuring out what order I’m going to be joining these things in. 🙂

Calgary Expo 2017

I’ve signed up to volunteer again for the Calgary Expo! It’s just so much fun I had to do it again. This will be my third year and my daughter is old enough now to volunteer with me. She’s also signed up. 🙂 Now we wait. They have an awful lot of applications to go through by hand so it will be a couple of weeks at least before team assignments are done. More likely than not, we’ll both be hanging out in Admissions though. That’s what I’ve done for the past two years so it would be nice to see the old crew again.

If you’re in Calgary and looking for something to do at the end of April I highly recommend checking out the show. There’s something for just about everyone. This year’s guest list is awesome:

  • Adrian Paul
  • Christopher Lambert
  • Colm Meaney
  • James Marsters
  • John Cusack
  • Nathan Fillion
  • I could go on for a while or you could just go check out the guest list so far: . There will be more announcements so this is by no means the final list.

Or you could volunteer… Sign up is still open… The more the merrier and all. Also, we have cookies. 🙂

Firefly CAL

Hello  crafty people. 🙂 Its only been a week since my last post but I think I can do better than that. We’ll see…

I have started the Firefly CAL over at Two Hearts Crochet.

If anyone is wondering, CAL stands for Crochet-A-Long. All these wacky acronyms people throw around on the internet…


My progress so far isn’t exactly breathtaking but I haven’t had to rip it out yet so its going quite well. 🙂 Five rows down, 45 more to go. New squares a published weekly with the next one due on the 10th so I guess I should get hooking on this one or I’m going to end up behind.

The Two Hearts blog has a ton of free and geeky patterns, including several CALs. I used a couple of squares from their Star Wars CAL to make a pillow for Christmas and I’m eyeing the Doctor Who CAL as well. Check out the blog at: and maybe find some inspiration for your next project.

Calgary Expo Holiday Market

It’s about time for a truly geeky post. No crochet today, sorry. Check back next time. 🙂

This coming weekend (Nov. 19 – 20) is the first Calgary Expo Holiday Market. Hosted by the same people who bring us the Calgary Expo every year, it’s a market filled with all sorts of vendors guaranteed to make a geek happy.  I’m terribly excited. Also terribly disappointed as I cant afford to buy anything. 😛 But, it should be fun anyway. For anyone wondering, Calgary Expo is our local version of comic con. It takes over the entire Stampede grounds for four days every April and it’s awesome. Some of the costumes re just amazing and the variety is huge. I actually saw Kosh a couple of years ago. Great costume, had to be ridiculously hot though. I wonder how many people will show up in costume for the market….

We now return you to your regularly scheduled crochet. I promise I’ll have something to post next time.