Calgary Expo

It’s been not quite a week now since the Calgary Expo wrapped up. I don’t feel like sleeping for a week and my feet don’t hurt any more so I guess I’ve recovered. 🙂 I attended on Saturday and spent the other three days volunteering and it was awesome as always. This was my third year in admissions which is definitely a good place to be if you want to see all the costumes as people come in. A couple of may favourites were a somewhat elderly Prince Charming, complete with glass slipper and still searching for his Cinderella, and his Fairy Godmother companion and this guy (girl? No idea who was inside):


We put a wrist band on the person’s arm ( and yes, it is sticking out of Pikachu’s mouth) and then strung three wrist bands together and wrapped them around Pikachu’s arm. We found the whole process hilarious but I guess you had to be there. 🙂 In our defence, it was Sunday and that is when the expo exhaustion tends to set in.

This was actually the only picture I took during expo. I wish I had more to post but if you’re interested there are a ton of pictures on the #calgaryexpo instagram. There were some totally amazing costumes.

I do have two other pictures from the expo.

Maybe next year there will be Firefly cast members and I can bring a picture of my (not yet finished) blanket from the CAL to start collecting autographs. I wonder who will come out next year….