Calgary Expo Holiday Market

It’s about time for a truly geeky post. No crochet today, sorry. Check back next time. 🙂

This coming weekend (Nov. 19 – 20) is the first Calgary Expo Holiday Market. Hosted by the same people who bring us the Calgary Expo every year, it’s a market filled with all sorts of vendors guaranteed to make a geek happy.  I’m terribly excited. Also terribly disappointed as I cant afford to buy anything. 😛 But, it should be fun anyway. For anyone wondering, Calgary Expo is our local version of comic con. It takes over the entire Stampede grounds for four days every April and it’s awesome. Some of the costumes re just amazing and the variety is huge. I actually saw Kosh a couple of years ago. Great costume, had to be ridiculously hot though. I wonder how many people will show up in costume for the market….

We now return you to your regularly scheduled crochet. I promise I’ll have something to post next time.


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