Works in Progress

Back in my first post I mentioned have a lot of projects on the go and that this blog could possibly provide some incentive to get them finished. I realize that might work better if I actually post some of them so here are a handful of my works in progress. Excuse the pictures. The light in my living room is terrible.


This doll is being made from my Emma pattern. The plan is to have her finished by this weekend. Of course, things rarely go according to plan around here.


A C2C style scarf I’m making from some leftover yarn. I might even have enough yarn to finish it… 🙂


C2C Blanket
I’ve literally been working on this blanket for months. It’s about half done now and has been at that point for at least a month. I’m lacking in motivation for this one because I know I don’t have enough yarn. 😛


Virus Blanket
This pattern is hugely popular on the internet now and it’s gorgeous so I just had to jump on board. The pattern can be found here: Virus Blanket. It’s a fairly simple four round repeat so it goes pretty quickly once you get the hang of it. Then again, I did rip back multiple rows several times until I got it right so maybe it’s not that quite that simple after all. Or maybe I just can’t count. That is also a possibility….

I think four projects are enough for now. There are more hiding in various bins but I don’t have pictures of them. It’s probably time to reorganize my bins. This batch of projects will likely be blog posts when I do finish them. If you haven’t seen them go up by Christmas, feel free to ask about them. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Works in Progress

  1. I don’t think I’d have the nerve to admit how many WIP’s I have going at the moment…
    Love the hair on the doll. One of these days, when you get around to it, maybe consider posting how you did those lovely bangs!


    1. This is just a small ample of my WIPs. I could go on for a while… 🙂
      As for the bangs, I’d try to explain but pictures might make more sense. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any so it will have to wait until I make another one.


      1. Well I can relate to not taking pictures along the way. It sounds like your crochet hook tends to lead just like mine and where you end up wasn’t necessarily planned. So you didn’t know you’d even need the pictures. I’m working on bunnies, a mouse, and Christmas ornaments and am short on pictures to share!

        I really do like your dolls!

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