Ah, steampunk. I’ve had a fascination with steampunk for years. The fashion, the tech, the adventure. Who doesn’t like the idea of traveling all over the world in steam powered airships, dressed in quasi-Victorian era clothes, and flaunting the traditional values of society while having adventures? Ok, probably not for everyone. For anyone unsure what steampunk is, think 200 Leagues Under the Sea, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, or Wild, Wild West for a more western spin.
To put it simply, I’m a fan. It’s terribly geeky but I did warn you in my first post that geekiness would show up here from time to time. Now, since I’m a big geek, I find it kind of depressing that in spite of owning two corsets I have yet to put together a descent steampunk outfit. My attempt for this year’s Calgary Expo was somewhat underwhelming. And, as I volunteered again and couldn’t anyway on those days, I needed my stand-in. So I present Steampunk Emma.


Her costume needs some work but it looks a lot better than mine did. She has an underdress you can just see peeking out at the bottom of her skirt, a corset, and a bustle at the back. What do you think? Isn’t she adorable? And yes, those are the same boots from the elf costume… 🙂


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