First blog post

Wow. My very first blog post. I guess I should say a little bit about what this blog is going to be about…

Obviously, there will be a lot of crochet. I freely admit I’m addicted to the craft. 🙂 I have so many projects on the go I can’t keep track of them all. If I post them here maybe it will be enough incentive to actually finish some of them.

There are also likely to be a fair amount of geeky themed posts. Listing all of the geeky tings I love would take a whole post so I’ll just skip that for now.

Back to the crochet part… Some of my projects are from other people’s patterns, some are things I’ve created myself. I plan to post the occasional pattern, like the one for this doll:

Emma the Elf

This is Emma the Elf. She’s just lying around in the photo but she’s fully posable thanks to her wire armature. I made her the elf costume so she could be stand in at Calgary Expo (our local version of comic con) last year. I volunteered so wasn’t able to dress up. (Darn them for wanting the volunteers to be recognizable ;p). Emma went steampunk this year but I’ll save that for another post.

I think that’s long enough for a first post. Until next post then…



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